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KLEXi (iOS Plex-Client)

KLEXi (iOS Plex-Client) (1.1)

May the media be with you...

With KLEXi you can access all the media stored in your PLEX library. KLEXi can be a simple remote control, a beautiful media browser or a fully featured PLEX client that lets you play your files directly on your mobile devices.  more...


LightMeter (1.1)

Perfect exposure wherever your phone is

With LightMeter you can use your iPhone 3G-S as exposure meter. Simply take a picture with the built in camera and the App will tell you what exposur settings are suitable for the captured scene.  more...


PhotoBuddy (1.5.1)

Your personal Assistan for everything photo

PhotoBuddy provides convenient ways to help professionals and amateurs calculate some of the most needed camera settings - right on the iPhone or iPod touch.  more...


Drivers (2.1)

The drivers log at the touch of your fingers

Drivers is the odometer, gas, service and expenses log for all your vehicles - all on the iPhone or iPod touch. With Drivers 2.x you can even create a copy of your log as a pdf file and send it to your Desktop. And the best thing, the created PDF will contain all changes to any recorded waypoints.  more...


PhotoTrip (1.7.3)

Plan, Record, Geotag...

PhotoTrip makes geotagging available for every camera that stores a timestamp along with it's photographs. Just create a Trip in the application and set the auto waypoint interval. PhotoTrip will periodically record your current location.  more...

Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf (1.1)

Set the mood for christmas

It's the most wonderfull time of the year - Christmas. Now you can help Santa to make it perfekt.
Help to decorate a christmas tree or pack Santa's sleigh. You can even make the stars twinkle in the skies to set the mood.  more...


SkyDrops (1.1)

Catch us if you can

SkyDrops is best describe as a casual game. Whenever you have some time, you can get playing. The game progress is automatically saved when the application terminates allowing you to pick up playing right where you left.  more...

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